Feudal title of Sinoutskerke and BaarsdorpThe title lord/lady

Traditionally, the sole owner of the feudal rights is called "Lord of X" or "Lady of X", where X stands for the name of the lordship. Originally this title belonged to knights. Since the late Middle Ages the title "Lord" is also used for owners of lordships. The current owner of the lordship, mrs. M.J. van Huykelom van de Pas, therefore uses the title "Lady of Sinoutskerke and Baarsdorp".


Feudal title of lord of Sinoutskerke and Baarsdorp
Lord of

use of the name of Sinoutskerke and BaarsdorpUse of name

At the time of the Ancien Régime (until 1795) it was customary to add the name of a lordship to the owner's surname. This is the origin of many dutch double surnames, which should be regarded as a territorial designation and not as a title. Since 1858 the name of a lordship can no longer be officially added to a surname. Surnames can only be changed in the Netherlands by Royal Decree.

Nevertheless, in practice it often happens that owners of lordships informally add the name of a lordship to their family name. In the case of the owner of the seigniory of Baarsdorp, the name Van Huykelom van de Pas van Baarsdorp is used.