Feudal Rights

Feudal rights

Originally, a dutch lordship was the right of a private person (the lord) to exercise government authority within a certain area. The lordship came with various feudal rights, such fishing rights, hunting rights etc. In 1795 the feudal rights were abolished, but later partially restored by King William I of the Netherlands. Still in existence are some of the original feudal rights, as mentioned below.

A coat of arms has been attached to the Lordship of Baarsdorp for at least 500 years. This coat of arms was also used for the combined lordship of Sinoutskerke and Baarsdorp, although Sinoutskerke historically has no arms of its own. The arms are also mentioned in the New Cronical of Zeeland by Mattheus Smallegange (1696). Although the coat of arms is by no means a feudal right, they are mentioned below for completeness.

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